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  • 2018, October 29 - November 2, SDO Science Workshop, Ghent Belgium
    Sunspot Group Classification using Neural Networks

  • 2018, September 5-7, INAM, Birr, Ireland
    Coronal Mass Ejection Osciallations

  • 2018, June 8 - 23, RHESSI17, Dublin, Ireland

  • 2018, April 3 – 6, EWASS, Liverpool, United Kingdom
    3D Magnetic Reconnection in a Collapsing Coronal Loop System


  • 2018, Dec 10 - 14, Fall AGU, Washington D.C. USA
    RHESSI Imaging using Neural Networks

  • 2017, June 19 - 24, RHESSI16, Boulder, USA
    Performance of CLEAN & MEM-NJIT on synthetic STIX and RHESSI data

  • September 10 - 14, Fifth Solar Orbiter Workshop, Brugge, Belgium
    Federation of distributed data sources and Scientific Teams (FOREST)